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Chalet Likouresi Village Luxury Hotel in Karpenisi Greece


Chalet Likouresi Village is one of the best and most beautiful winter destinations in Karpenisi, Greece. It is an ideal place for winter and summer holidays, offering relaxation, warmth, and hospitality in a fabulous landscape, surrounded by a stunning forest and a river called "Karpenisioti". This mountain resort includes cabins and each one has a unique view of "Velouhi" mountain, which hosts a ski center. The hotel's owner can guarantee a hostable, comfortable, and quality stay providing you with eight independent wooden chalet cabins, 85 sm each. A cabin accommodates up to six people including two master king size bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living room with a kitchen and a fireplace. In the chalet's living room, you will enjoy the warmth of the fireplace, sharing your experiences or stories with your friends and family. Chalet Likouresi Village will be an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones. 

Luxury Cabins Chalet Likouresi Village in Evritania Greece


Evrytania, predominantly mountainous, is located in the center of Greece. Features, high mountains and rich water sources, relatively mild climate with lots of snow in winter time and cool summers. Evrytania's alpine scenery, has much to offer to its visitor, tourist, traveler, naturalist, explorer, skier. As the first snow appears in winter time, the ski center is ready to host skiers and families as it provides slopes of all levels. There are slopes for beginners and tough ones for the experts. At this time, if you choose to visit the town, your evening begins with an evening walk in the snowy streets followed by drinks in local bars. In a sunny day you can enjoy a ride next to rivery scenes while visiting lots of traditional villages, only a few miles away from the town. 

Luxury Cabins Chalet Likouresi Village Karpenisi Greece


Karpenisi is the capital of Evrytania, situated at the southern slopes of Velouhi mountain, at an altitude of 960 meters. Capturing perfection, it is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in mainland Greece. Surrounded by towering mountains, canyons, rivers, lakes and dense vegetation is a gift from nature to you and it is calling you to explore it. It is an area with historical tradition, archaeological sites, religious shrines and a wonderland of natural wealth. This city has all needed elements that will satisfie all expectations of a visitor, offering relaxation, tastefull beverages and cuisine that combine modern and traditional culture .

Luxury Cabins Chalet Likouresi Village Karpenisi Forest


Karpenisi is an ideal place for various activities. Winter sports lovers choose it as the ultimate destination for ski, snowboard, snowmobile etc. The ski center of "Velouhi" mountain is located at an altitude of 2380 meters, only ten kilometers away from "Karpenisi" town. Nearby the city you can enjoy riding horses or ponies, cycling, archery and even climbing provided to you by specialists. You may also have unique experiences and memories while rafting, canoe-kayak, canyoning in many rivers or hiking and climbing in pristine forests. These activites can be held even by kids as they are provided by organized local companies.

Winter in Luxury Cabins in Greece Chalet Likouresi Village


The climate of Karpenisi and its nearby places, is mediterranean mountainous terrain with very frequent rainfall and mild winters full of snow. Summer can be called "cool" as the temperature does not exceed 25 degrees Celsius. Such conditions helps in full utilization of outdoor activities and exploration of nature. It is a purely mountainous area, mainly extented at an altitude of 1000 meters and has a large aquatic vast forested wealth producing refreshing oxygen. 

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